HeartView™ P12/8 Mobile

High resolution 12 or 8 Lead Personal Use ECG Recorder/Transmitter (with SIM)
HeartView P12/8 BT



HeartView P12/8 Mobile




HeartView P12/8 BT


User-Friendly Personal 12 or 8 Lead Electrocardiogram

Recorder/Transmitter with Cellular Connectivity

The HeartView P12/8 Mobile is a 12 (or 8) lead ECG event Recorder/Transmitter. It is a small yet very powerful device with high resolution 12-Lead ECG recording technology. The HeartView P12/8 Mobile is designed for patient use by its unique method of recording. The HeartView P12/8 Mobile enables the transmission of ECG data from any place, at any time. The recorded ECG is automatically transmitted via cellular network to a cardiac call center for immediate diagnosis by using Aerotel’s HeartLine Receiving Station (HRS) or any other compatible system. Voice assistance makes this device exceptionally easy to use by patients.

The HeartView P12/8 Mobile allows:

  • Diagnosis of cardiac symptoms
  • Remote monitoring of Chronic Heart patients
  • Recording and Transmission of an ECG by patient or qualified person to a cardiac call center

  • Cardiac analysis for clinical studies

Product Highlights

  • Simplified recording procedure using 3-wire and 4 embedded electrodes
  • High resolution ECG
  • Records 12 or 8 Lead ECG (selectable)
  • Records up to 10 seconds per lead
  • Direct ECG data transmission over Cellular network
  • Audio Instructions from the device’s built-in speaker makes it easy to use
  • ST segment recording capable
  • Small, hand-held and light weight
  • Powered by rechargeable LiPo battery


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