heartline receiving station

Heartline Receiving Station

Cutting-Edge Technology for Medical Data Acquisition, Disease Management, Diagnostics & Emergency ECG Service Center

Flexible, Modular Platform Designed to Serve Present & Future Needs.

HRS is Aerotel’s tele-cardiology acquisition and management center. Easy to operate, it can be applied to any standard PC equipment. Designed for long-term use, the system’s database offers various access and management options. HRS supports Aerotel’s entire line of Heartline monitors. Additionally, several systems can be networked in order to support large-scale service operations.

HRS is fully optimized to work with all of Aerotel's manufactured ECG monitors.

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  • Used for emergency call center applications for immediate diagnosis of subscribed patients in case of cardiac emergency conditions.
  • Used by hospitals for outpatient follow-up.
  • Facilitates early patient release from hospitals, and in turn, helps reduce costs.
  • Helps pharmaceutical companies perform drug compliance studies by having participants send their ECGs from the comfort of their home or office to the call center.
  • Receives digital ECG transmission for offline analysis, thereby reducing costs of employing professional staff at the call center.
  • Enables remote ECG interpretation via HRSnet application (one of the HRS features).
  • Part of any Holter® analysis center; receives transmission from loop event recorders complementing the Holter® analysis in case of sporadic and symptomatic arrhythmias not detected by the Holter®.
  • Enables ECG monitoring of individuals and mass screening, thanks to category divided database.


  • State-of-the-art Windowsׂ based application software.
  • Flexible and modular platform.
  • Defined sound card for receiving ECG over telephone line to HRS Call Center.
  • Oracle™ database with full patient data management capabilities.
  • Stand-alone and network operation options.
  • Full patient demographic data.
  • Automatic monitor recognition based on patient’s code in the HRS system.
  • ECG Comparing function for detecting changes in ECG pattern of same patient.
  • Full medical history including symptoms, diagnosis, medication, referrals, etc.
  • Storage of unedited ECGs for later offline editing and un-interpreted ECGs for offline interpretation.
  • Automatic ECG lead measurement tool for automatically determining values such as heart rate, RR interval, QT, QTc etc. with zooming capabilities.
  • Administrative tool for managing monitors available at the Call Center.
  • Possibility to limit a monitor or patient with a pre-assigned number of calls.
  • Full reporting capabilities (e.g. Detailed ECG report with the ECG segment measurement data).
  • Security Manager to control access authorization of various user groups at the call center.
  • Interpreting physician secured access with ECG referral audit control.
  • Remote Manager for automatically assigning username and password to patients who wish to have their ECG and medical data on the WEB (secured access).
  • Database report generator with predefined reports.
  • Built-in report building tool for user defined reports.
  • Direct emailing of ECG to a predefined destination.
  • COM embedded interface for WEB connectivity.
  • Digital ECGs via modem receiving capability.
  • Allows Internet accessibility via COM interface and Remote Manager.
  • E-mail Support.
  • Automatic editing.
  • Security Manager.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Instant accessibility
  • Broad data base
  • Automatic measurement tool
  • Short training period

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Specifications subject to change without prior notice. FDA Cleared.