HeartView™ P12/8 Plus

12/8-Lead ECG Personal Recorder/Transmitter (Acoustic)

Heartview P128


Heartview P128


Heartview P128


Heartview P128


User-Friendly Personal 12 or 8 Lead Electrocardiogram Recorder/Transmitter

This small, easy-to-operate personal ECG device puts patients in control and provides physicians with a clear, comprehensive ECG graphic recording. Operating the HeartView P-12/8 Plus requires very little effort. The patient simply records a 12 or 8 lead ECG by using a 3-wire patient cable and the four embedded electrodes on the back of the unit. The recorded ECG is then transmitted through the phone to Aerotel’s Heartline Receiving Station (HRS) for immediate diagnosis.


  • Diagnosis of cardiac symptoms
  • Remote, home/clinic monitoring of chronic heart patients


  • 3-wire cable and 4 embedded electrodes on back of unit
  • Transmits 12 or 8 leads separated by a 1mV calibration signal
  • Records 2.5 seconds per lead (4 seconds, optional) and 10 seconds of rhythm lead (Lead II)
  • Battery powered
  • No maintenance required
  • Also available with digital wireless transmission (HeartView™ P12/8 BT)


  • Easy-to-use
  • Small, portable & convenient
  • ST segment detection capability
  • Highest quality of ECG tracing
  • Cost-effective

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Specifications subject to change without prior notice. FDA Cleared, CE Mark