Public Multi-User Multi-Parameter Medical Acquisition Center (Kiosk)



Automatic Medical Parameters Transmission from Public Places

Medi-CliniQ™ is a public device designed to supply primary health care services to mobile patients where medical staff is scarce: remote areas as well as locations such as pharmacies and private clinics. Capable of connecting different medical devices with digital output, it can accommodate an unlimited amount of users. Medi-CliniQ™ can be installed as a stand-alone unit or in modules, according to client specifications. Activated by a smart card reader or a manually inserted code, it guarantees strict user confidentiality. On-screen, user-friendly guidelines direct patients on how to perform necessary tests. Conversely, all tests can be conducted by an on-site technician who logs in patients. Once Medi-CliniQ™ acquires data, it automatically transmits it to the MPM Receiving Center either through regular phone lines or via Internet for immediate analysis and Web posting.

Data Acquisition Applications:

  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Weight monitoring
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • SPO2 Monitoring
  • Respiratory peak flow monitoring
  • ECG
  • Open source for additional applications


  • Easy device set-up
  • Smart card reader
  • User-friendly, on-screen guidelines
  • Option: Add-on video-conferencing unit


  • Easy-to-use
  • Unlimited number of users from same location
  • Provides fast and easy access to primary health care
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Cost effective:
    • Reduces health providing costs
    • Reduces transportation costs
    • Reduces unnecessary trips to the ER


  • Residents living in distant locations
  • Pharmacies
  • Third age nursing homes
  • Retirement villages & housing
  • National health centers
  • Remote locations
  • Private clinics
  • Gyms

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