PC-Based Homecare Multi-Parameter Multi-User Medical Acquisition Center

PC-Based Medical Management of Chronically Ill Patients

Home-CliniQ™ is an application software that transforms any home PC into a medical data acquisition hub. It can connect to various home monitoring devices, such as Aerotel’s HeartView™ 12 lead ECG device, via Bluetooth and simultaneously transmit the data to an Aerotel receiving center.

Home-CliniQ™  significantly eases the burden of monitoring medical parameters of chronically ill patients, while enhancing their quality of life. An easy-to-use multi-parameter hub, it was especially designed from supporting multiple users within a single home.

Home-CliniQ™  streamlines medical management because it is both time and cost effective.
Aerotel hubs support a wide range of compatible devices and sensors, with new devices being added constantly. Please contact us for the latest compatible devices list.

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