Mobile-CliniQ® is an Android®-based mobile health monitoring application.

mobile cliniq

mobilecliniq device 01
HeartView™ 12L (for usage with Pro. App only)
mobilecliniq device 01
HeartView™ P12/8i Personal 12 lead ECG
mobilecliniq device 01
Blood Pressure Monitor
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Weight Scale
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Pulse Oximeter
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mobilecliniq device 01
mobilecliniq device 01

Mobile-CliniQ® is an Android®-based mobile health monitoring application. Mobile-CliniQ allows the monitoring of various parameters and communicates with vital sign monitoring devices via a Bluetooth® interface. Data is sent via the cellular or WiFi network to a medical monitoring center. Mobile-CliniQ comes in two flavours - for individual users and for medical professionals . With Mobile-CliniQ, personal health service becomes a reality for today's mobile lifestyle.

Mobile-CliniQ® Applications

Personal App

The personal app is designed to support users' needs to send measured values of various parameters, enabling the user to keep the data for his/her own use in the device as well as transferring it to a medical call center for review. The application allows subscription of up to 5 members of the family.

Professional App

This app is designed to meet the needs of a professional user such as physician, nurse or paramedic where it can be used for recording various parameters of different patients by using the same resources and devices. This application provides the professional user with extended capabilities such as adding patients, retrieving data, etc


• Personal / family mobile-health service
• Professional mobile-health service


• Easy set-up and operation
• Bluetooth® interface
• Automatic device recognition and transmission
• User-friendly, on-screen guidelines • Family application
• Cellular / WiFi transmission via secure internet connection (eg: https)


• Seamless operation
• Wireless transmission
• Increases physician/patient interaction
• Improves patient education and compliance with treatment programs
• Affordable solution for ongoing medical monitoring of different parameters
• Automatic reception at the call center


• Mobile-CliniQ® is compatible with various digital medical devices.

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