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Remote Cardiac Care Service
Heart Watch
Cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease are widespread in the United States, afflicting over 60 million and 13 million patients, respectively.


Heart attacks are the single biggest killer in the United States. HeartWatch is a new heart attack detection service that will dramatically improve a patient's chances of surviving a heart attack.

The Heart Watch Remote Cardiac Care Service helps patients determine within five minutes if they are having a heart attack or potential cardiac problem so they can obtain quick treatment.

Today, patients wait too long from the onset of symptoms to when they seek help. As a result, many people die from coronary events that shouldn't.

HeartWatch offers a new service that makes it easy and convenient for people to check their symptoms at their earliest cause for concern from anywhere, at any time -- thereby reducing the response time from onset of symptoms to treatment.

HeartWatch members are provided a small, easy-to-use, FDA-approved handheld EKG device, capable of recording a 12-lead EKG (same quality as doctors use in their offices and in hospitals) and sending results via telephone. Members have
immediate, 24-hour access to the HeartWatch Call Center, which is staffed with cardiologists and a supporting medical staff.

Leading cardiologists in the U.S. have helped to  design the service for HeartWatch and endorse its potential to save lives and create a new standard of care.

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