Aerotel Medical Systems will be takiing part, as an exhibitor, at the MEDinISRAEL 2019. Come to meet us at the 5th International Conference and Exhibition, March 25-28, 2019 at the Avenue Convention Center in Israel (Airport City).

Aerotel will present it's full range of modern, digital, high-resolution line of ECG devices.

The range of Aerotel's Heatliine ECG recorders includes:

  • HeartView 12L - a professional, 10-wire, 12-lead, handheld ECG recorder with Bluetooth and acoustic transmission capability.
  • HeartView P12/8i - an exceptionally easy to use, 12-lead, ECG recorder, designed for patient and semi-professional use, allowing Bluetooth and acoustic transmission.
  • HeartView P12/8 Mobile - a device with the prooven design of the HeartView P12/8i with internal cellular modem (SIM enabled) allowing autonomic transmission. Voice commands make this device comfortable and easy to use.

All Aerotel ECG devices use the same, high resolution, digital, ECG engine allowing recording at 500 samples/sec and 16-bit resolution.
All recorders are fully integrated in Aerotel's ECG management solution that includes:

  • Mobile-CliniQ – Android-based Mobile App for Patient (Personal) and Physician (Pro) use.
  • HRS- HeartLine Receiving Station- Dedicated ECG Management Software & Patient Database
  • HRS-NET, Web-based secured data access for patients, physicians and companies. 

Aerotel is committed to develop innovative, affordable and reliable solutions and has, for over 20 years, been working closely with patients, service providers and industry experts ensuring user-friendly, certified and robust technology. 

Aerotel’s ECG Monitoring Solutions have been deployed in over 45 countries around the world and is constantly enlarging it's customer base.


About Aerotel Medical Systems 

Aerotel Medical Systems is a leading global manufacturer and developer of cutting-edge, cost effective and user-friendly RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) solutions designed to securely transfer essential medical data over the phone, wireless or other electronic media to a certified tele-medical platform. Aerotel’s solutions ensure optimal performance and maximum reliability for the remote monitoring and management of Cardiac Patients. 

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