Tadiran LifeCare is a division of Tadiran Spectralink Ltd, a long-time supplier of advanced wireless communication solutions. SKeeper™ is currently being evaluated by major service providers around the world, and is available for commercial shipments in the second quarter of 2006.

SKeeper™ is intended to provide peace of mind for its users, their families and caregivers. It enables users to carry on with their daily routines without compromising safety and well being, by enabling them to stay in touch with relatives and caregivers in case of need. With SKeeper™ elderly people get immediate assistance by simply pressing a single button on the device, and parents can rest assured that their children can easily contact them should they be lost or need assistance.

"SKeeper™ is taking Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and social alarm systems, to the next level," says Ofer Atzmon, business development manager at Tadiran LifeCare, "Fitted with a dedicated safety call button it can activate a warning signal or initiate a voice call in case of need, enabling wearers to get immediate care and assistance."

Using its embedded Siemens MC55 wireless module and built-in speakerphone, SKeeper™ can activate cellular voice calls to pre-defined numbers (e.g. a relative or a health professional) or receive calls from anyone. When a call is made to a monitoring center, a pre-defined SMS message can be sent automatically to a relative. Incoming calls can be screened and/or answered automatically. Most of the product features, such as speed dialing numbers, auto-answering, predefined text messages, etc. are remotely programmable by the monitoring center, or by the users or their authorized relatives via a Web based interface. 

SKeeper™ takes advantage of location based services provided by many operators, so that users can be located in case of need or upon wandering outside of a specified zone (e.g. a neighborhood or a school area). In such cases the system sends automatic alerts via SMS messages to the monitoring center and/or to another mobile phone. Tadiran LifeCare plans to launch a GPS based system, with higher location accuracy, later this year.

The unit is lightweight and easy to operate. It is wrist or neck wearable and can be carried on a belt or in the pocket. It is compact enough to fit on the arms of children. The device works with most GSM/GPRS networks around the world. SKeeper™, is available for commercial shipments in the second quarter of 2006, and is currently being evaluated by major service providers in various markets.

About Tadiran LifeCare
Tadiran LifeCare is a division within Tadiran Spectralink Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd. Tadiran LifeCare was established with the vision to design and develop innovative wireless monitoring solutions for improving people’s health, safety and quality of life. Tadiran LifeCare’s products provide peace of mind for users, families and caregivers. Israeli based Tadiran Spectralink is a highly specialized global supplier of advanced wireless communications solutions for critical missions in defense, aerospace and healthcare. For more information about Tadiran LifeCare please visit the company website at www.tadlifecare.com

Company Contact:
Ofer Atzmon
Business Development Manager
Tadiran LifeCare
Mobile: +972-52-2451771,
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.tadlifecare.com

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