A portable “mini-hospital” to make life easier for at-risk patients, chronically ill patients and people requiring nursing care: Tadiran Spectralink Ltd, an Israel based supplier of mobile communication solutions, has developed a medical device that lets patients monitor their health and call help when there is no doctor around. The device, which is worn on the wrist like a watch, uses biosensors to continuously check vital functions, which are then transmitted by an embedded Siemens GSM/GPRS radio module to a medical center for further analysis. This innovative device will become available early next year under the name “MDKeeper™”.

The new unit measures e.g. patients’ pulse, cardiac rhythm and blood oxygen values without inconveniencing them. The user, e.g. at-risk patients with cardiac or circulatory diseases, patients with chronic illnesses and seniors can enjoy constant monitoring and support without having to visit their doctor. The information is stored on a chip, analyzed and transmitted in real time or as needed over the GSM/GPRS network to a medical center. “This is the first time that a medical control device has been combined with mobile communication technology, enabling people in need to be monitored anywhere anytime and maintain their normal lifestyle” said Itzhak Beni, President and CEO of Tadiran Spectralink.

In addition to biosensors and a radio module, the unit has everything the user needs to send emergency calls or place mobile calls to predefined people or call centers. Thanks to its integrated MC55 Siemens radio module, the device works almost everywhere in the world on all GSM/GPRS networks.
The unit is very lightweight and easy to operate. First product tests are currently being conducted in Israel and Sweden, with results expected for later this year. Siemens Communications and Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. presented a prototype of the MDKeeperTM on June 23 at the Innovations Day on Communication Networks 2005 in the Munich Siemens Forum.

Israel-based Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. is a highly specialized global supplier of advanced wireless communications solutions for critical missions in defense, aerospace, transportation and healthcare. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd., Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. has annual sales of approximately 60 million dollars and a workforce of 160. Tadiran LifeCare is a new business unit of Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. established with the vision to design and develop innovative wireless monitoring solutions for improving people’s health, safety and quality of life. Tadiran LifeCare’s products improve quality of life for users, their families and caregivers.

For more information visit www.tadspec.com/lifecare

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