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[Health and Medicine News, July 14, 2005]

The Israeli company Tadiran Spectralink has developed a miniature health station that can be worn on your wrist like a watch. The device, known as MDKeeper, is designed to improve the quality of life of chronically ill people, patients at particular risk, and the elderly. The unit utilizes special bio-sensors to measure vital bodily functions such as blood pressure, heart frequency, or the amount of oxygen in the blood. The data thus collected is stored on a chip and, if necessary, can also be sent in real-time via a Siemens radio module to a medical center, where it can be analyzed by doctors.

[Dagens Industri (Sweden), July 2, 2005]

Karolinska universitetssjukhuset ger sig in på telemedicin.
Tillsammans med Telia Sonera och det israeliska företaget Tadrian Life Care utvecklar man en bärbar utrustning som håller reda på bland annat puls och syrehalt i blodet.

[Wireless Healthcare News, July 2005]

A portable “mini-hospital” to make life easier for at-risk patients, chronically ill patients and people requiring nursing care: Tadiran Spectralink Ltd, an Israel-based supplier of mobile communication solutions, has developed a medical device that lets patients monitor their health and call help when there is no doctor around.

[The Mature Market, June 24, 2005]

The new unit measures e.g. patients’ pulse, cardiac rhythm and blood oxygen values without inconveniencing them. The user, e.g. at-risk patients with cardiac or circulatory diseases, patients with chronic illnesses and seniors can enjoy constant monitoring and support without having to visit their doctor.

[Siemens Press Release, June 23, 2005]

Siemens Communications
For the trade press
Munich, June 23rd, 2005
Innovations Day on Communication Networks 2005

“Mini-hospital” for seniors and people requiring medical monitoring – worn on the wrist

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