Aerotel & LevMed: Integrating Products to Offer a Reliable & User Friendly ECG-Telemonitoring Solution

Aerotel & LevMed:

Integrating Products to Offer a Reliable

& User Friendly

ECG-Telemonitoring Solution 


Aerotel Medical Systems and LevMed are pleased to announce that they will collaborate to combine the market-leading strengths of each company to strengthen the 12-Lead Tele-ECG assessment. The two companies will integrate their products jointly offering a reliable, user friendly and powerful solution for ECG Recording &Transmission.

As part of the partnership, LevMed’s Adult and Pediatric 12-lead ECG Belts will be integrated with Aerotel’s HeartView 12-Lead Simultaneous, High Resolution recorder. 


The goal is to enable professionals and non-professionals to record and transmit a full, simultaneous, 12lead ECG in any clinical setting, making it accessible and affordable to all.




 “At Aerotel we are constantly innovating to further improve our cardiac monitoring solutions” said Ionatan Galeano, Aerotel’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “Together with LevMed we offer a professional and topquality ECG recording in a very user-friendlymanner”.


“LevMed has always aimed to offer solutions that keep health simple and reliable. Aerotel's experience and leadership allows us to complement our solution with high quality tele-ecg devices” added Hadas Mandel, LevMed’s Business DevelopmentVP .


Their joint solution has received a warm welcome by the companies clientele. Three new projects, which began in August in Africa and Europe have started implementing the technology.


Aerotel Medical Systems is a leading global manufacturer of modular, mobile and home based telemedicine and telecare solutions, designed to transfer essential medical and lifestyle data over the mobile phone, wireless, the Internet and other electronic media. LevMed is the exclusive developer and producer of the unique, simple, fast and reliable ECG Belts which are used Worldwide in hospitals, clinics rescue teams, airlines, sport centers, telehealth and mobile care units.


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Aerotel Medical Systems is a world-leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality and user-friendly medical diagnostic systems and devices for home care, eHealth and telemedicine, as well as telecare and personal safety.


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