Aerotel Medical Systems Reveals Innovative Mobile Monitoring Solutions at Med-e-Tel 2007
Aerotel’s mobile solutions offer significant clinical and economical benefits for patients, families, physicians and administrators


Luxemburg, 18 April, 2007 -- Aerotel Medical Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced telemedicine and remote monitoring solutions for telemedicine and telecare, will be presenting its portfolio of telemedicine solutions at the Med-e-Tel International Educational and Networking Forum for eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT.

“By offering innovative mobile and wireless monitoring solutions we are enabling people on the move to get all the benefits of telemedicine and telecare technologies, enjoy their lives and save costs” explains David Rubin, Aerotel CEO. “Aerotel’s mobile solutions offer significant clinical and economical benefits for patients, families, physicians and administrators. With wireless technologies playing a greater role in future remote monitoring solutions, Aerotel is determined to strengthen its position as the mobile care market leader.”

Aerotel will be presenting these Mobile Monitoring Solutions:

- HeartOne™ for Kids – Pocket-Size Single Lead ECG Recorder/Transmitter
HeartOne™ is a hand-held single lead mobile trans-telephonic ECG monitor. A new service targeted specifically for children (from newborn to adolescents) will be presented as part of the Med-e-Tel educational program. The service enables children and their parents to easily conduct ECG tests when in need, transmit them via phone lines to the monitoring center, from which they are transmitted directly to a specialist. The specialist receives alerts of any new reading received, interprets the reading and send his advice to the child’s personal doctor. This way the children and their parents enjoy peace of mind, save unnecessary hospital visits, and receive immediate care in case of an emergency. 

- SKeeper™ - Wearable Personal Safety Phone
SKeeper™ is a wearable emergency alarm and cellular communicator device developed by Israeli Tadiran LifeCare, which was recently acquired by Aerotel. SKeeper™ enables elderly people, children or lone workers to be in close contacts with their parents or caregivers and get immediate human response in case of need, either from their relatives or from a tele-assistance center with 24X7 human response. A peace of mind device, SKeeper™ is attracting interest from both tele-assistance providers and cellular service providers around the world. Later this year, Aerotel plans to launch a GPS-enabled model of SKeeper™ for tracking and locating of users in case of an emergency.

- Mobile-CliniQ™ - Send ECG and other Clinical Data from Anywhere
is software-less solution that turns practically any Bluetooth enabled cellular phone into a medical data acquisition and transmission hub. It can connect to various home monitoring devices, such as Aerotel’s HeartView™ Personal hand-held 12-lead ECG monitor via Bluetooth. The solution enables easy and effective transmission of clinical information to a remote monitoring center for interpretation and immediate care. It enables mobile people to get assistance and care from anywhere at anytime, save costs and travel time and reduces anxiety.

About Aerotel Medical Systems
Aerotel Medical Systems is a world leader in cost-effective, high quality, user-friendly, medical diagnostic systems and devices for home care, eHealth and telemedicine. The company provides a complete disease management package, including transtelephonic devices designed for a variety of remote diagnostic, emergency services and monitoring applications, hardware and software platforms for remote monitoring call centers, as well as phone and web-based monitoring software. Aerotel enables patients to conduct tests comfortably while leading normal, mobile lives. With a client base in over 40 countries around the globe, Aerotel has been recently awarded the “Patient Monitoring Company of the Year Award” by Frost & Sullivan.

For further information please visit Aerotel Medical Systems website at:
www.aerotel.com, or visit our booth at Med-e-Tel 2007.

Company Contact:
Roberto Schliesser
VP Sales and Marketing
Aerotel Medical Systems 
Tel: +972-3-5593222 x102
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Press Photos:

Aerotel’s HeartView™ BT – Personal Hand-Held 12-Lead ECG Monitor with Bluetooth

Aerotel’s SKeeper™ - Wearable Personal Safety Mobile Phone

Aerotel’s HeartOne™ - Pocket-Size 1-Lead ECG Monitor

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