Aerotel Medical Systems Is Taking Part in Georgetown University’s Diabetes Research Project on Native Americans

Participants Use Aerotel’s TeleCliniQ Modem to Transmit Blood Glucose Readings to Database

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 4, 2006 -- Aerotel Medical Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting-edge diagnostic telemedicine systems, is playing an important role in a diabetes research project conducted by the eHealth and Telemedicine Division of the Imaging Science and Information Systems Center at Washington D.C.’s Georgetown University. 

The study is being conducted in multiple Native American communities across the US – including Alabama, Idaho and Hawaii. It involves diabetic patients using Aerotel’s TeleCliniQ modem for transmitting blood glucose readings to the MyCareTeam diabetes management database at the university.
“TeleCliniQ modems enable a fast, simple, direct and accurate method for sending blood glucose readings to a centralized database,” explains Betty Levine, who heads the university’s eHealth and Telemedicine Division.
Once the readings have been transmitted, patients and health care providers can access them over the web via the MyCareTeam Internet-based diabetes management application developed by the University for analyzing blood sugar readings and identifying blood glucose control issues.
“Aerotel’s TeleCliniQ modems are effective even for those without immediate access to a computer or the Internet. Its readings are essential if health care givers are to create a change in a diabetic patient’s regimen and improve his/her glucose control,” notes Levine.

About Aerotel Medical Systems 
Aerotel Medical Systems is a world leader in cost-effective, high quality, user-friendly, medical diagnostic systems and devices for the home care, eHealth and Telemedicine markets. The company provides a complete disease management package, including transtelephonic devices designed for a variety of remote diagnostic, emergency services and monitoring applications; a hardware and software platform; plus phone and web-based software.
Aerotel enables patients to comfortably conduct tests while leading normal, mobile lives. The company will present its innovative medical solution in the World Congress of cardiology, 2-6 September 2006 in Barcelona, Spain (Booth K-730).
Aerotel is a CE Mark 473/ISO 9000:2000 certified company and FDA approved enterprise.

For further information you can visit Aerotel Medical Systems website at www.aerotel.com

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