IMS have completed the first phase of installing digital, 12-lead, Aerotel ECG recorders in Ambulance vehicles of Hungary's national ambulance service, OMSZ.

OMSZ, Országos Mentőszolgálat, the national Ambulance service of Hungary, provides a nation wide rescue services, deployed from multiple centers all over Hungary. IMS, Aerotel's partner in Hungary, has been cooperating for years with OMSZ. Aerotel's HeartView P12/8 Plus recorders are installed in all ambulance cars and had been using a proprietary radio system for the transmission of ECG's.

In 2018, OMSZ and IMS started a project to equip the ambulance cars with Aerotel's new, digital, HeartView P12/8i ECG recorders. The new, digital, recorders have a much higher sampling rate than the previous devices and provide high resolution output. The recorders are linked via Bluetooth to the ambulance transportable tablet, running OMSZ emergency and rescue software.
Aerotel provides OMSZ with a newly developed API, allowing OMSZ software team to integrate the ECG device in record time into the system.

Using the new solution a paramedic can record an ECG,  at the patients location, and transmit the data using OMSZ secure network. The ECG is then immediately diagnosed and can be viewed simultaneously by the paramedic, the diagosing cardiologist and the medical team at the nearest cardiac hospital.

Patients suffering from a cardiac event are then re-routed to the nearest cardiac center were a team is waiting to provide immidiate treatment. Studies have shown that this solution save valuable time and that the time reduction reduces mortality rate of patients.

Equipping 400 ambulance cars, all over Hungary, with the new solution was no small undertaking. Ilana David, founder and General Manager of IMS, setup a team of specialists for the project. The team, including Medical staff, IT specialists, nurses, technicians, call center operators, cardiologists and more. A special hotline was setup to assist paramedics during the initial phases of deployement.

The team was able to complete the project in record time and currently 400 ambulance cars are successfully using the new solution on a daily basis. 

The following maps shows the ambulance centers using the new solution:

omsz terkep 800wide


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