Aerotel Medical Systems Congratulates BroomWell Healthwatch on Innovative Telemedicine Achievements

BroomWell won the HSJ Award 2007 for Improving Care with E-Technology using Aerotel’s Wireless Cardiac Monitoring Devices

6 January, 2008, Holon, Israel – Aerotel Medical Systems, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced telemedicine and remote monitoring solutions, congratulations our business partner in the UK, BroomWell Healthwatch on the occasion of BroomWell Healthwatch winning the HSJ Ward 2007 for Improving Care with E-Technology. HSJ award is given each year by Health Service Journal to healthcare organizations that demonstrate innovation and outstanding performance in the UK.

BroomWell Healthwatch, based in Manchester, UK, offers cardiac monitoring service including electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation service for patients in clinics. It offers non-cardiology clinicians accurate, expert, diagnostic support, enabling them to make informed clinical decisions and provide preventative support to patients with chest pain symptoms. This can reduce the need for hospitalization and deliver cost and resource savings healthcare providers. These services implement advanced handheld wireless ECG monitoring devices manufactured by Aerotel Medical Systems:

HeartView™ - The market’s smallest professional 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) transtelephonic recorder/transmitter. A user-friendly device, HeartView enables the transmission of comprehensive ECG data from any place and at any time, over the phone through to the Aerotel’s Heartline Receiving Station (HRS) for immediate diagnosis.

HeartView™ P12/8  - user-friendly personal 12 or 8 lead electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder/transmitter. This small, easy-to-operate personal ECG device puts patients in control and provides physicians with a clear, comprehensive ECG graphic recording. Operating the HeartView P-12/8 Plus requires very little effort. The patient simply records a 12 or 8 lead ECG by using a 3-wire patient cable and the four embedded electrodes on the back of the unit. The recorded ECG is then transmitted through the phone or mobile phone to Aerotel’s Heartline Receiving Station (HRS) for immediate diagnosis.

The telemedicine services provided by BroomWell has already proven to be a vital diagnostic aid in many parts of the UK, enabling medical staff to make informed clinical decisions and improve outcomes. It has also provided strong clinical risk management; ensuring patients receive the correct care. The service has also had a positive response from patients. Using cardiac telemedicine alongside other conventional methods of evaluation delivers a fast and accurate diagnosis, reassuring the majority of patients that their chest pain symptoms are not indicative of any immediate threatening condition, thus preventing unnecessary hospital visits, whilst those in immediate danger are transferred to definitive care.

A pilot by NHS Northwest, using Aerotel’s handheld ECG device and BroomWell’s monitoring service, showed 82% of patients did not need to go to hospital following a test, and demonstrated the potential to save 90,000 A&E (Accident and Emergency departments) visits, 45,000 hospital admissions and minimum savings of £46 million per year to the NHS simply by cutting unnecessary hospital admissions and A&E visits for chest pain symptoms.
About Aerotel Medical Systems

Aerotel Medical Systems is a world leader in cost-effective, high quality, user-friendly, medical diagnostic systems and devices for home care, eHealth and telemedicine. The company provides a complete disease management package; including transtelephonic devices designed for a variety of remote diagnostic, emergency services and monitoring applications, hardware and software platforms for remote monitoring call centers, as well as phone and web-based monitoring software. Aerotel enables patients to conduct tests comfortably while leading normal, mobile lives. With a client base in over 40 countries around the globe, Aerotel has been recently awarded the prestigious “Innovation and Growth Strategy Leadership of the Year Award 2007” by Frost & Sullivan. 
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