Preliminary Results
268( 96%) out of the 280 inhabitants living in this period in the island were enrolled in the study: There were 129 men and 139 women with age ranging from 3 to 88 years. The data collected are actually being evaluated in detail. Some preliminary results can be reported: clinical and cardiologic screening showed 4 out of 268 persons with high risk cardiologic pathologies:
sonographic screening detected 2 aneurysms of the abdominal aorta with surgical diameter(more than 5 cm): moreover 2 suspicion cancer previously undetected, a lot of renal stones and of biliary tree stones were detected.
A complete evaluation of the results will be performed within few months when all patients with pathological results have concluded all the diagnostic program. In 5 cases a teleconsult with submission of sonographic or dermatologic images was performed: the mean time to obtain the transmission of the images by email was 3 minutes: the remote consultant considered the images of a quality good enough to obtain a diagnosis. The mean time to transmit ECG and to obtain the response of the specialist was 2 minutes

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