The quality of printing was 89% with conventional EKG as opposed to 86% in the TTEKG, although the overall recoding was very satisfying in most patients'
The patientsin whom the recording was less than good, was mainly due to the fact that in thin patients, the contact with the devise for the V5 and V6 leads was less than optimal. While the heart rate and form of the QRS-complex were similar, the maximum height (peak) was 15% lower with the TTEKG as compared to the SEKG (correlation: r=0.88, p< 0.00l). The sensitivity for a left heart hypertrophy, based on the Sokolow-index, was 50% lower with the TTEKG. The sensitivity and specificity of ST-segmenct hanges was 100%, and so was the T wave in all patients with a sure diagnosis of myocardia

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