Reliability of a new 12 Iead-EKG with telephone transmission for cardiac Patients

ln many countries, the self-monitoring of EKG recordings by the patient, with transmission through the telephone to a medicalized center has proven to be safe and efficient( 1,5,7-10;. This implies that a medical team provides with the appropriate diagnosis, for example arrhythmia or unstable angina( 1,3,5,7-10) and introduces the adequate therapy, which can in the case of an acute myocardiail infarction be lifesaving by reducing the time to intervention

l) The technique has to be simple and reproducible by laymen
2) The technique has to be repioducible in movement too (when traveling, for example)
3) The transmission to a competent Center has to be around the clock
4) Tne quality of the transmiision and the signal are mandatory w ith the 12lead- EKG, as the diagnosis and treatment rely upon the signal recorded.
These parameters have to be fulfilled throughout the validation-study, as to date, no study in Europe has determined these facts yet (P 12, Aerotel, Israel).

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