Testing the reliability of a 12 lead-EKG with transtelephonic transmissions, as a monitoring tool for cardiac patients

Summary of results
For many years in Germany, as well as in the US, Israel, Italy and South-American countries, transtelephonic EKG transnrission was performed with 1-3 lead recordings, allowing accurate diagnosis only for arrythmic disorders.
We tested a new system( CARDIO SAFE P 12, manufacturer: Aerotel, Israel)which allowed patients, for the first time in Europe, to record a 12 lead-EKG with telephonic transmission to an emergency center (CARDIO SAFE "HERZUBERWACHSUNGS-ZENTRALL" at the Medical Service of the Munich Airport).
We compared the recording of a standard 12 lead EKG to that of a Cardio Safe P 12 recording transmitted by telephone to a PC at the CARDIO SAFE Center and printed out, in 217 consecutive cardiac patients. Patient's clinical data were also collected

l. The placement and recording of the 12 lead-EKG by laymen with the P 12 and the transmission via telephone is very simple and is well conducted by all patients, allowing excellent transmission of then information.
2.Heart rate, rhythm and conduction correlate well in both types of recordings. The P 12 recording, via a computer program is able to eliminate disturbance(through the "print -parameter")and can correct the tracing-dimensions, whenever necessary or
requested, on -line.
3. The P 12 device seems to be the ideal tool for cardiac patients. It enables mobile self-monitoring, when a Medical Center with competent personnel trained in cardiology is available 24 hours a day for reception, recording and interpretation of on-line EKGs with the appropriate intervention and answers to all patient's questions.

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