Telemedicine, also known as telehealth, means using information and communications technologies for the delivery of healthcare services. Telemedicine reduces the unnecessary hospitalizations and reduces waiting lists for medical treatment with a significant saving factor on economical resources. This technology gives patients the ability to monitor the specific parameters of their conditions and then have the information sent directly to their physicians for management of their disease process via telephone, cellular or the Internet.

With wireless technologies playing a greater role in remote monitoring solutions, these innovative solutions enable mobile people to get assistance and care from anywhere at any time, save costs and travel time and reduce anxiety.

The Growing Concern over Heart-related Problems

Heart related problems are the "#1 Killer" in the industrialized society. With an aging population, hypertension (high blood pressure) and cardio-vascular diseases (CVD) are major epidemics that significantly reduce quality of life and life expectancy on a global basis, afflicting approximately 25% of all adults, and more half of those older than 60.

Consequently, there is a growing need to enable people with chronic conditions, people at high risk, or the elderly, to participate in their own care, in close collaboration with their caregivers. Healthcare is required at the point of need for ensuring continuity of care and eliminating costly and inconvenient hospitalizations or doctors' visits.

The Growth of Telehealth

As a response to this need, telehealth has become a rapidly evolving field, thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, such as miniaturized sensors and advancements in telecommunications means that allow an almost permanent contact in case of need. Telehealth can offer cost-effective remote monitoring solutions that can seamlessly operate from anywhere at anytime.

Aerotel Medical Systems is Responding to the Challenge

Aerotel Medical Systems offer innovative solutions for telemedicine, telehealth and telecare applications. As a response to the growing need, Aerotel has developed a range of innovative solutions that seamlessly transmit health and lifestyle related data via a variety of media, such as phone lines, cellphones, the Internet or wireless, for online monitoring, analysis and care, when and where it is needed.


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