mpm call center


MPM Call Center

State-of-the-Art Medical Data Acquisition Center for Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics

Modular Platform Designed to Serve a Wide Range of Health Needs

MPM Call Center serves as the hub for Aerotel’s medical parameters monitoring and disease management. Easy to operate, it can be applied to any standard PC equipment. Comprised of an MSSQL Database server and workstations connected in a network configuration, it is designed for long-term use and offers various access and management options.

  • Instant review of incoming values for the following parameters:
    • Blood pressure
    • Weight
    • Blood glucose
    • SPO2
    • Spirometry values
  • Capable of receiving additional parameters
  • MSSQL database server and workstations 
  • Multi-port board for extended line traffic applications
  • Flexible and modular platform
  • Individual alarm setting for every patient and each parameter
  • SMS generation
  • Report generation
  • Web connectivity
  • Easy-to-use
  • Instant accessibility
  • Broad database
  • Cost-effective
  • Automatic receiving of transmitted data

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Specifications subject to change without prior notice. FDA Cleared.