Aerotel’s HRS Net system is an add-on element often essential for remote diagnostics because it enables authorized users to display HRS data information on the Web. Users can be patients, physicians, or companies. A bi-directional system, it lets an interpreting cardiologists add his/her interpretation of a selected ECG and store it in the database under the patient’s file. It also lets patients track their medical history.  
  • Tracking patient health record
  • Consultation with physicians in other locations
  • Remote monitoring of heart patients
  • ECG information for emergency purposes
  • Authorized user name and password
  • Remote Access Manager generates access codes to users
  • HRS dedicated database (Oracle™)
  • Secured access to database
  • User-friendly
  • Immediate data access
  • Capability to add on outside physician interpretation and recommendations
  • Remote ECG interpretation by cardiologists via secured web access. 

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