HeartView™ P12/8 Mobile

High resolution 12 or 8 Lead Personal Use ECG Recorder/Transmitter (with SIM)

HeartView P12/8 BT


HeartView P12/8 Mobile


HeartView P12/8 BT


User-Friendly Personal 12 or 8 Lead Electrocardiogram

Recorder/Transmitter with Cellular Connectivity

The HeartView P12/8 Mobile is a 12 (or 8) lead ECG event Recorder/Transmitter. It is a small yet very powerful device with high resolution 12-Lead ECG recording technology. The HeartView P12/8 Mobile is designed for patient use by its unique method of recording. The HeartView P12/8 Mobile enables the transmission of comprehensive ECG data from any place, at any time. The recorded ECG is automatically transmitted via cellular network to a cardiac call center for immediate diagnosis by using Aerotel’s HeartLine Receiving Station (HRS) or any other compatible system.

The HeartView P12/8 Mobile allows:

  • Diagnosis of cardiac symptoms
  • Remote monitoring of Chronic Heart patients
  • Recording and Transmission of an ECG by patient or qualified person to a cardiac call center

  • Cardiac analysis for clinical studies

Product Highlights

  • Simplified recording procedure using 3-wire and 4 embedded electrodes
  • High resolution ECG
  • Records 12 or 8 Lead ECG (selectable)
  • Records up to 10 seconds per lead
  • Direct ECG data transmission over Cellular network
  • Audio Instructions from the device’s built-in speaker makes it easy to use
  • ST segment recording capable
  • Small, hand-held, battery powered


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